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Forgiveness: The Road to Peace
by Natacha Cann on November 1st, 2016

​When you think of peace your enemies are probably the last people who come to mind. After all, peace is about feelings of harmony, balance and serenity. The irony, however, is that you can’t attain those peaceful feelings unless you deal with how you feel about your enemies.
No, you can’t just ignore, bypass or excuse the strife in your heart and expect to have peace. You have to work at it. In fact, Psalm 34:14 encourages us to, “do good, seek peace and pursue it.”
You can pursue peace by making a conscious decision to forgive your enemies. Your decision would be a start. Thereafter, through time, prayer and patience, you could work through your emotions until you get to a place where your heart is at peace. This is not an overnight process, but the work pays off.
Maybe you’re in a position where you could actually have a conversation with your enemy to express your desire to forgive him or her. Or, maybe you’re in a position where it’s unsafe and unwise to approach your enemy. Either way, you are always in a position to make a choice to forgive. And, forgiveness is the only road that leads to peace.
Now, tell me what you think. Can you really have peace in your heart if you refuse to forgive your enemies?

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